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When is the best time for commercial heating work?

At some point during your boiler’s lifespan, it’ll encounter a fault or two – this is an unfortunate inevitability of all appliances in our properties, and it’s important that we’re as well-prepared as possible for when a problem does occur. Being proactive with your boiler is the best way to deal with any potential issues, …

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OId industrial boiler

Is Your Commercial Boiler Due An Upgrade?

The boilers in businesses are often taken for granted if they’re working as they should be. It’s not until something goes wrong that we pay attention to it, by which point it might be too late to be proactive. With this in mind, it’s important to know when your boiler might need upgrading – it’ll …

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Gas safety test

Safety Around Harmful Gases

The topic of gas safety should be on the radar for all commercial environments, whether a small-to-medium office space or large industrial premises. It’s crucial that due process and precautions are taken to avoid unnecessary accidents, not only on a legal basis but for the welfare of your staff & patrons. In this piece, the team at Express …

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Things Property Managers Should Look For in a Commercial Gas Engineer

Five Things Property Managers Should Look For in a Commercial Gas Engineer

If you own a commercial property, then you have a legal responsibility to ensure that the integrity of the property is preserved at all times. This is to say that the property needs to be in a safe condition in terms of repairs, maintenance and servicing. One of the aspects of property maintenance is making …

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What is a Gas Safety Check? - Commercial gas services - Express Gas Solutions

What is a Gas Safety Check?

For landlords, it’s a legal responsibility to ensure that your property or properties are in compliance with all relevant health and safety legislation. This covers everything from the structural integrity of the building to electrical appliances, but one of the most crucial elements of property safety is gas. Ensuring that gas safety checks are carried …

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Express Gas Solutions - Choosing a Commercial Water Heater

Choosing a Commercial Water Heater

It’s probable that water heaters will be needed in all commercial environments, no matter their sector and no matter their size. Unfortunately however, there’s not a one-size-fits-all commercial water heater that we can just take off the shelf, so it’s important that as a facilities manager or procurement officer you’re fully aware of your options, …

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Commercial heating pipework

Commercial Heating Options – The Kit Available

If you own or operate a commercial premises, you’ll know the importance of having the correct heating system, no matter the size of your property or type of operations that take place in it. However, there is no one heating system that suits every commercial premises, so there’s a decision to make regarding how you …

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Commercial boiler room

Commercial Heating: How to Improve Efficiency & Decrease Costs

Heating in a workplace is crucial for a number of reasons. First and foremost, it keeps your employees and visitors comfortable – if used correctly. Secondly, in certain environments, it will be needed to keep produce fresh, materials safe and equipment running. If you run a business, you’ll no doubt be aware of the associated …

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Office Heating Systems

What are the Legal Requirements for Office Heating Systems?

The climate within a workplace plays a crucial role in the comfort and therefore the productivity of those who are working in it. Maintaining a suitable temperature in your workplace can be difficult, but once you find the perfect level, you and your employees will see the benefits. However, it’s important to know there is …

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Plumbing pipework

Commercial Boiler Breakdown and Servicing

If you own or operate a commercial premises, then the responsibility of ensuring that it runs smoothly and is maintained properly is yours. It can be tempting to just wait and assume everything is operating well, only calling for assistance when something breaks down. However, this approach can be costly, in both a financial sense …

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