Is Your Commercial Boiler Due An Upgrade?

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The boilers in businesses are often taken for granted if they’re working as they should be. It’s not until something goes wrong that we pay attention to it, by which point it might be too late to be proactive. With this in mind, it’s important to know when your boiler might need upgrading – it’ll save you time, money and hassle in the long run. But how do you spot the signs of a declining commercial boiler?


One of the more recognisable signs that you might need a new boiler isn’t an unusual noise, a flashing light or lack of function; it’s the age of your system. Whether you’ve just moved into your business property or you’ve been there for years, it’s important that you find out how old your boiler is. Usually expected to last for at least 15 years with proper maintenance – some even lasting for 50 – their efficiency will wane the longer they’re in use. With modern boilers offering fantastic efficiency ratings, older boilers are falling behind and newer models provide superb reductions in environmental impact and savings on energy costs. Speaking of which…

Increasing Energy Bills

If your boiler is on the decline, you’ll notice an increase in your energy bills – while this may not be a sudden and drastic change, it is unnecessary spending and it’ll only continue to be an issue until the boiler is replaced. Upgrading your boiler to a modern, more efficient model will bring those bills back down, possibly to even lower levels than they were when your original boiler was operating to its maximum efficiency.

Increased failures

If you’re constantly having to call out engineers because your boiler is breaking down, this is a clear sign that your system is coming to the end of its useful life.


Tied in with the aforementioned increase in failures, frequent leaks are a sign of a fading system. These leaks can lead to flooding, which can cause unnecessary damage to a property, so if you notice your boiler is leaking frequently, it could be time for a new unit.

Why should I upgrade?

We’ve detailed the fact that new boilers are more efficient than their older counterparts, with advances in technology and a greater focus on eco-friendly innovation leading to appliances that are designed to save us money on our energy bills. However, there are a few more reasons that you should consider upgrading your boiler system:


If you have an old system, you might have already experienced multiple faults, which can understandably lead to nagging thoughts at the back of your mind: “will the boiler have broken when I get back to work? What if there’s no hot water in the office?” With a new system, these worries are eliminated.


In the event that your boiler does encounter a fault, any engineer you call out will have access to the required components and tools for any repairs. With older systems, parts can be harder to come by, and this can lead to repairs costing you more money.

Technological improvements

In 2018, smart appliances are incredibly popular – they’re no longer just a folly for the super-rich or the stuff of sci-fi films. You can control smart appliances from wherever you are – if you’re at work and you’d like the heating to be on when you get to the office, you can use your boiler’s companion app on your phone or tablet to turn the thermostat up when you’re on the way back. Similarly, if you’d like to check everything is working as it should when you’re on holiday, you can do so with a few swipes and presses of your phone screen.

Cost cutting

Inefficient boilers mean higher energy bills. The more efficient your boiler is, the less you spend on your energy. It really is that simple.


When the time comes to replace your boiler, there may be an opportunity to scrap your old system for cash. Speak to your engineer or boiler companies to see if they offer any scrappage options.

Despite the initial cost of buying a replacement boiler, if your current unit is failing then there really is no reason to not invest in a new system. You’ll recoup the initial expenditure in the long term, and you’ll enjoy greater efficiency, more intuitive usability and much-improved reliability.


Express Gas Solutions are experts in the installation, maintenance and repair for commercial boilers of all ages and types. For more information, please get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to help.

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