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Air curtains

Airbloc units offer a cost-effective, energy efficient solution. Reducing heat loss by 80%.

Air curtains

Effective barrier to prevent the loss of warm air.

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Air Curtain London

Here at Express Gas Solutions we provide specialist commercial heating solutions designed to lower energy consumption and provide a temperate working environment.

Our door air curtains, or over-door heaters, are ideal for retaining heat in a room when the doors are opened. They can also be used to retain cooled air in air conditioned buildings, by creating an evenly distributed air barrier above doors.

Free On-Site Estimates for Air Curtains

We have a team of experienced engineers available to access your requirements and provide free on-site estimates and recommendations to ensure you get the most energy efficient and effective heating solution for your business.

We also offer flexible maintenance contracts, annual servicing and an emergency repair service, all with the legally compliant safety certificates for your records.

Our service area covers London & Greater London, with engineers regularly installing and servicing air curtains. To find out more, simply contact us today.

I have always found the engineers from Express Gas Solutions to be incredibly helpful and professional.

We run a site that requires contractors to be incredibly responsive to our needs, producing reasonable quotes quickly and make sure work is carried out in the shortest lead time possible.

E.G.S. fits the bill. -Bill Cook

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